Genre: Punk/Rock ‘N Roll
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Cooking Vinyl
Year: 2021

Hailing from… Los Angeles, The Bronx exist for almost 20 years now and have been playing and releasing albums (this is their …6th studio full length as the title reveals) in their own unique way; a mixture of rock ’n’ roll-infused punk, with addictive chorus, party feeling and mood, electric attitude and distinctive sound. Nothing seems to have changed for this release, so… you might already know what to expect here. High energy Punk’ n roll at its best with memorable songs, many excellent moments (and a couple of disasters such as “Mexican Summer” that predictably has been heavily influenced from their alter ego Mariachi El Bronx, ‘Jack Of All Trades’ and “Participation Trophy” that would fit better on a Foo Fighters album rather than here) and a peculiar yet compulsive, irresistible urge blended influences of Supersuckers, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Turnstile and Cancer Bats. As for the lyrics check some verse below and you’ll get the point immediately: ‘…I’m not out looking for an answer, I’m not looking for a cure / She said she used to be a dancer, and the rest is a blur…I know what you’re thinking. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two wrongs feel all right tonight.” taken from “Watering the Well”. “‘Bronx VI” highlights: ”Supebloom”, “White Shadow”, “Watering The Well” and “Peace Pipe” that will bring you in mind The Offspring.