Genre: Hard Rock/Southern/Stoner
Country: Greece
Year: 2018

It’s not any well kept secret that Greek Stoner scene is overestimated and probably has more hype than quality. Still Stoner is much more popular among younger audience than any other sub genre of extreme sound. Not all bands are shitty and yes there are a bunch coming out of this scene that are really great and have a lot to give. C’mon liars, we all have at least one copy of a cool stoner/hard rock album on our discotheque. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone to the poor and veracious editor…(see what I’ve done here… ). ‘Cast The Stone’ The Burning Stone’s debut album or better say mini album as its duration is only 22 minutes long, and forget all this shit about stoner I just said ‘cause this album is actually a dominating metal record blended with bluesy, boozy rock. Based on full of fast-paced and chuggy rhythms, melodic and raw solos and home to some well-mixed throaty male/melodic female and well-carried vocals. There’s a lo-fi production and an awful artwork cover. But that’s where the cons stop. Best track of the album is ‘Night of The Lizard’. A doomy ode to 70’s that brings in mind some excellent bands like Universe 217 and Witch Mountain . ‘Kill Your God’ has a BLS vibe and some cool female back vocals. ’13-14’ continuous this Iommi-Wylde meets Southern metal feeling, while ‘Blame The Wind’ has the potential to be a megahit as it sounds like Corrosion of Conformity jamming on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Strong guitars, nice chorus and memorable riffs. Just like ‘Cast the Stone’ that is another nice composition with the same writing formula. And as we have reached the 5th out 6 songs you can see that ‘stoner’ elements are almost absent. The closing entitled ‘Outer Plains’ is a 2 minutes outro with some acoustic guitars. I hope they’ll find a label to cut it properly in order to have a decent distribution. A perfect soundtrack for this summer indeed.