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Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2021

Eleventh album for the Swedes – excluding their early period that comes out under the name “Crown of Thorns”. If you set aside the mediocre “Death Is Not Dead”, the band rightly represents death/thrash metal scene. Their previous work, “Cobra Speed Venom”, had a very positive impact. Three years later, spreads this same excitement. This year’s successor, “Royal Destroyer”, had to win this bet, namely being at least equally good to its predecessor. Fortunately, that’s the feeling you get right from the start. “Baptized in Violence”, album’s opener, eliminates every second thought. Energy explodes despite its limited duration. Maybe by chance, maybe not, “Royal Destroyer” summarizes all eras and norms of The Crown. It’s their perfect mirroring. It has this death/thrash brutality, and speedy shifts along with melodic lines… Swedish to the bone! It brings memories from “Deathrace King”. Someone not familiar with The Crown, would bet that we’re talking about a newly formed band due to the energy, appetite and passion derived from their work. The consistency of “Royal Destroyer” makes you think that The Crown deserved a wider acceptance all these years. Their fans will be thrilled, while those discovering them for the first time will dig dipper.