Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

Under normal circumstances, someone who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome would sit still on his couch tasting all possible tea flavours, while watching low quality series and all that approved and prescribed by the doctor.

But in Leif Edling’ case things worked rather differently. He might have taken a long time off of Candlemass’s tour obligations, he might have been staying home to rest, but he didn’t sit still.  As he explains himself he wrote all the material for The Doomsday Kingdom on his couch with his acoustic guitar. “This is more or less how I wrote the second Avatarium album, but also Candlemass’s “Death Thy Lover” EP”, he continues and we immediately understand that no disease is able to mess with Leif’s creativity.

The “The Never Machine” EP which is being released officially from Nuclear Blast has all the completed material the band has gathered so far and is the first taste of the full length that is coming up next spring. Leif has given out this material the last few months to the public through independent releases, digital or not, but here you can find everything gathered and ordered so you can take your Leif dose legally until spring comes. Yes, spring and doom is not the best combination, but it is what it is.

With The Doomsday Kingdom, Leif seems that he just plays things he likes without thinking too much about it. Because if we listen carefully, we could find 80’s NWOBHM references, some glimpses to the 70’s, classic doom metal riffing a la Leif and the mighty voice of Niklas Stalvind (from the Swedish gods Wolf) balancing between lyricism and narrative paranoia making us wonder if this is a band of 2016 or 1976.

The material gives out a creepy, cloudy feeling, a fact that makes it interesting to listen to even if doom metal is not your field of specialization, but you are nevertheless looking for material that is black –and bleak- for your playlist.

So, doom metal with some 80’s NWOBHM shots and some 70’s proto metal outbreaks. From the hands of Leif Endling himself and with an all star band supporting him (Marcus Jidell – Avatarium, guitars and the octopus with the name Andreas Johansson – Royan Hunt, Narnia etc., drums). I have no objection about this situation and I am waiting for the album as well. Until it is out, I am going to polish some crosses in my back yard.

3.5 / 6