Genre: Post/Punk
Country: Greece
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2022

We are moving away from metal and we roam down the post/punk road. This time we are hosting The Flower Of Love and their 1st EP, “Pan’s Not Dead”. The band was formed during the covid era from Babis Nikou (Angel’s Arcana, Hada) and Raphael Saini (Cripple Bastards, ex-Iced Earth). The EP that we will see today, contains 5 songs, with a total length of 14 minutes, but before you say it is not enough, let me tell you that it has much to say. Let’s dive into it…

Starting from the production as usual, I must say that the guys did an excellent job and I must admit I didn’t expect that. It has nothing to be jealous from productions made abroad whatsoever and the credits must go to the band’s own Babis Nikou who handled the whole thing.

Playing-wise, everything seem right. Even though I am not a fan of this genre, I believe I can see when something is done right or not. The way the songs are built and structured, doesn’t leave us hanging by something missing or something that makes each song feeling “too much”. Talking about the compositions, I believe that the band worked a lot on those songs before they release them, and this is something that can be heard even from the EP’s first seconds.

Truth be told, I cannot possibly give you suggestions of what you should expect, as I don’t know much from this kind of music, but what I can tell you, is that even for me (as I said not really a fan of this genre), it was something very pleasant to listen to and I really enjoyed it without getting bored even for a single second and to add some more credit, I must give kudos for the cover in Titãs’ “Policia” (thank god Sepultura from whom I listen to this one so long ago).