Genre: Groove Rock Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Rockshots Records
Year: 2022

When you are first listening to a new release, even when you do not know anything about it, you have some basic information (even truth be told mostly by instinct) from the cover, the title of the album and the name of the band. But in case of the Italians The Human Tornado, I must admit that I was confused. Their name reminded me of the well-known action movie. The title of the album is reminiscent of something romantic while on the cover the main color is pink. With all this conflicting information, I could not have predicted that I would have to deal with a Groove/Rock Metal release. The group is based in Bologna and formed in 2014. Their debut album “Storm In A Ketchup” was released in 2016 and they had to spent 6 years in preparation of their new release. “Love Is Demode” is a straightforward album that its songs will be stuck to your mind from the very first listening. 12 compositions full of groove, a bit melodic, short-length with dynamic choruses are the basis of the album. The songs are somewhere between Rock and Metal and marginally considered non – radio friendly. The vocals are definitely angry to be described as melodic but also much milder to fall into the category “Anselmo vocals”. It is a pleasant record and despite the information that you just got and probably confused you, still you can listen to it at any time of the day. Lyrically speaking is a concept album dealing with love and its significance in human life. Groovy fans have to check The Human Tornado and their new album.