Genre: Punk ‘N Roll/Garage
Country: International
Label: Svart Records
Year: 2021

The Limit is a super group and if you are one of those that hate the term and all the projects that use it (and the albums they record) please count me in, but (there’s always a “but”) this time you must check this one. The Limit is actually a new music project featuring members of Pentagram (Bobby Liebling on vocals) and ‘70s punk icons The Stooges (Jimmy Recca on bass) and Testors (Sonny Vincent on guitars and vocals while he is also the producer of the LP), while it’s line up completes with Hugo Conim on guitar and Joao Pedro Ventura on drums from Portuguese band Dawnrider (also please notice special guest guitarists on “Caveman Logic”: Fabian Dee Damners (UDO), Nils Finkeisen (Die Krupps) and Paul Simmons (Bevis Frond)) . Ok, most metalheads or Doom worshippers know Liebling well, but Sonny Vincent is a name that they had to feel familiar and probably don’t. Well Sony is a living legend in his 70s, part of the 1970’s New York scene when performing with his band the Testors, plus add to that a full career in music industry that covers nearly five decades, recorded several albums and toured with such notables as Maureen Tucker of the Velvet Underground for nearly a decade, plus other heavyweights such as Scott Asheton from The Stooges.You are not a prophet if you say that these guys can create easily strong compositions. Neither if you understood that they can only deliver a wild combination of proto-punk, doom and rock ’n roll inspired and forged in/by the late 60’s streets. “Caveman Logic” is a decent album lasting almost 37 minutes long, a record that came out of nowhere, a dark, deep collection of a well-crafted dozen of songs of heavy addictive, powerful US garage rock, punk ‘n roll, with infectious choruses in the veins of the New York Dolls, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Blue Cheers and Radio Birdman. I would add also Johnny Cash too as Liebling’s voice has this dark tone and hint that the Man In Black had in his later works. “Caveman Logic” is a really great proposition for this year. Highlights: “Black Sea”, “Kitty Gone”, “These Days”, “When Life Gets Scorched” and “Fleeting Thoughts”.