Genre: Death Metal
Country: Σουηδία
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2017

“The Lurking Fear” is a short horror story by the American writer H. P. Lovecraft (and a song by Repulsion). It was written in November 1922 and published for the first time in January – April of 1923 at the issues of the American magazine Home Brew. As “Herbert West-Reanimator”, published earlier at Home Brew, editor George Julian Houtain was asked to explicitly issue “The Lurking Fear” one part with each issue. Unlike “Herbert West-Reanimator” though, Houtain hesitated to recreate the story, saving Lovecraft the need of unacceptable repetition. I’d like to add here that just like “The Murderess” (this work by Papadiamantis was first published at “Panathinaia” magazine and it’s continuations kept on being released until June 1903 (even though it’s a much classier work than this specific of Lovecraft)) has the characteristic of many climaxes, exactly because it was released as a series. So it ought to keep the interest of the readers at the same level with each issue. “Out of the Voiceless Grave” seems like it is made of twelve singles, all of them trying to keep the interest of the listeners throughout the entire listen of the album. As much old school as it needs to be, with the right analogy of melody and aggressiveness, it obviously doesn’t redefine the genre but the band members don’t want that either. And one would not say that the whole effort tries to bring back the old glory for some reason. It seems like an attempt for them to write tracks they first enjoy and that comes out instinctively. We are talking about another supergroup with members like Tomas Lindberg, Adrian Erlandsson, Andreas Axelsson, Fredrik Wallenberg and Jonas Stålhammar ((]At the Gates, God Macabre, Skitsystem, The Haunted, Disfear, The Crown), who have nothing to prove to anyone and they try to aim for our feelings and our nostalgia. But this time, the result will not disappoint anyone other than some purists, the constant whiners and some journalist fascists / professional downgraders (see Death Metal Underground). The riffology is inspired and borrows elements from Death, Master, Autopsy, even Nihilist or early Dismember. Of course, you will listen to much At the Gates characteristics and the elements of the bands that these members of The Lurking Fear are involved in, offering a variety while the 90’s feeling is plentiful. Tracks that stand out are ‘The Cold Jaws of Death’, ‘Teeth of the Dark Plains’, ‘The Infernal Dread’, ‘The Starving Gods of Old’ and ‘Tentacles of Blackened Horror’. Excellent.