Genre:  Punk / Rock
Country: U.K.
Label: Crass Records
Year: 1981

Two tracks, the title, “No Doves Fly Here” and “I Can Here You Laughing”, constitute the highly topical EP of about half a century before of The Mob. It is not a metal release, it was even released in the famous CRASS Records of the band-mother and nurse of the early anarcho-punk of the 80s, from the UK. Powerful and present bass, post-punk feeling, before the last was fully a genre of course, minimalist (and in some respects not) playing, a X romanticism and a pessimistic tone, with a special zest, elaborately crafted, equally. Approximately in this category the British fall musically, being of course the record small in duration, everyone can judge for themselves whether it is worth their attention, certainly yes for me, it raises fruitful concerns, dressed (musically) appropriately, promotes creative visualization and has the spark of preoccupation with politics, in a non-burdensome manner, whether prosaic, or as you want it. “No-one remembers beyond all this fear, no doves fly here”, epigrammatically, according to them and many more thoughtful lyrics as well, but it is enough to get you thinking…