Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal/Stoner
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records (Hellhound Records)
Year: 2021 (1991)

Whoever digs Scott “Wino” Weinrich is familiar with the moniker of The Obsessed. Wino (guitar and vocals) founded the band in the year 1980 in Washington D.C. The Obsessed were one of these few bands that could claim to be instant cult ones. Probably the fact that in the first years of its existence the band actually only played a handful of gigs and released one 7” single called »Sodden Jackal« in 1983, before disbanding three years later helped to gain this title. As we all know it was this time when Scott Weinrich went on to join Dave Chandler in the legendary Saint Vitus.

The original line-up of the band though had recorded a self-titled debut album, which was supposed to come out on Metal Blade Records in 1985. But it never did. As late as 1990 Berlin-based label Hellhound Records finally released the original recordings. This gave Wino the impetus to leave Saint Vitus and reform his own band taking on board new members Scott Reeder on bass and Greg Rogers on drums.

»Lunar Womb« was their second studio album. It was originally released in 1991 on Hellhound Records. The record featured a dozen of songs and was recorded at Berlin’s Vielklang and Powerplay studios with the band producing together with Mathias Schneeberger. Scott Reeder took over lead vocals from Wino on two tracks, “Bardo” and the skull-crushing “Back To Zero”. After the release of this album Reeder subsequently left THE OBSESSED to join Kyuss. The album has a unique sound but mostly has the songs to capture the listener. We are not overreacting when we say this album a 100% classic. Doom metal built its reputation on tracks/hymns like “Brother Blue Steel”, “Spew” or “Hiding Mask”.

»Lunar Womb« has not been available (on vinyl and on compact disc) for a rather long time, so the current High Roller re-issue is here to fill this gap in many discotheques of a lot of true fans of Doom metal out there and at the same time new friends of the genre too, of course…