It’s not the easiest thing to surpass your own self or try to create something that is superior to your previous effort, which is literally a musical masterpiece and seems to exceed you… So imagine Angel Witch’s embarrassment in writing new material as successor to the monumental self – titled debut studio album. However, the quality of the band even in a small dose (not in greatness but in extend of time) made this single be considered a classic, as well. We should add that since 1980 except for Great Britain, the distribution of the debut of Angel Witch was minimal, non – existent even, by Bronze Records, which made the album scarce and already classic since then, but every release after this, is a must have (and fast) before it disappears (talking about 1981). Imagine what happens with “Loser”, being the latest release of the classical lineup of the British. The title track “Loser” (K. Heybourne) and “Suffer” (K. Heybourne, K. Riddles), are just two perfect compositions similar to the way they were written and are a natural continuation of the “Angel Witch” songs, with catchy refrains, brilliant riffs and the guitar solos characterized by simplicity and yet they’re so fitting and austere (however they’re not as dark as the mysterious voice of Heybourne). The second side of the 7” closes with “Dr. Phibes” (K. Heybourne, K. Riddles, D. Dufort), a short instrumental with simple structure but amazing pace, classic N.W.O.B.H.M. melody and packed with badassery. The production was made by Martin Smith. It is relatively easy to find at a very reasonable price, from 3 to 15 € depending on its state.

angel witch loser 7

Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Heavy Metal
Country: England/ U.K.
Label: Bronze Records
Year: 1981