A new band, under the name The Order Of Prometheus, has released their first work, “Disrupting Paradise”. It consisted of five music tracks, for a total of 22 minutes and 16 seconds’ listening time. The band, defines itself in the Dark Rock music genre. The band formed, back in 2015, by Aris Panopoulos (Guitars, Vocals, Throat singing, Lyrisist, Composer, Keys and programming) and Dim Black (Producer, co-Composer). They made together a pre-production, and they split up, for several years, due to personal reasons. They joined forces again, in September 2021 and with they finished this demo, in June 2022. Lyrically, Aris, speaks about society, religions, philosophy, death, ancient rituals, all under the prism of his backround.

You can find “The Order Of Prometheus” below: