Genre: Melodic Black/Death
Country: Germany
Label: AOP Records
Year: 2022

The Spirit’s coming was a blessing for all those who suffered from the loss of the glorious Dissection. Their 2017 debut was excellent and Nuclear Blast reissued it a year later with different artwork cover making it a big success. Sounds from the Vortex was only the beginning though. Their second album 2020’s Cosmic Terror was even better featuring seven brilliant songs. Now the Saarbrücken, Germany-based band return with their third and probably crucial full length in a new label (AOP Records) with new vision and a new goal. Entitled Of Clarity and Galactic Structures it will win you from hello with its cosmic aura and its blazing compositions. If you are looking for some changes compared to their previous works then you will find much more personality in the songs and definitely a brave dose of maturity while the significant sound with the mid pace melodic black/death is still dominant. Moving to progressive paths the eight tracks although they try to explore new horizons (in the album closer “Laniakea” the band uses synth parts), yet at the same time are strangely even more accessible for the audience. Atmosphere is the key factor that makes the album unique and magical. Please notice also that besides the beautiful yet aggressive and complicated music, the cosmic almost intellectual about escapism and the human nature lyrics that work like the missing puzzle piece that completes the perfect picture. In the end of the day Of Clarity and Galactic Structures is a highly recommended album. Highlights:Celestial Fire”, “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures” and “Arcane Wanderer”, plus the marvelous artwork cover from Eliran Kantor.