The Troops of Doom are set to release a second EP, The Absence of Light, on September 17 on cassette with slipcase silver foil via Repulsive Echo Records (pre-order) and digitally via Nuclear Blast subsidiary Blood Blast (pre-order).

The Absence of Light is a concept EP inspired by 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ book Leviathan, split into an introduction and two acts, and closing song “Act II – The Monarch” features guest vocals by Jeff Becerra of death metal progenitors Possessed.  Guedz says:

“The Monarch” is the title of the second Act of a conceptual work that ended up becoming The Absence Of Light EP. In this song we are proud and pleased to have Jeff Becerra from Possessed sharing the vocals with Alex. Jeff was amazing, very friendly, and professional, accepting our invitation without thinking twice! This filled me with pride and I started to admire even more the work of this living legend, one of the inventors of death metal we play with The Troops of Doom and obviously a huge influence for me since I was a boy, when I started to play guitar for Sepultura back in the early ’80s!

In “The Monarch,” the absence of freedom added to the power of the church over the people and transforms religiosity into political power, guiding the blind and the faithful according to its strict rules, limiting their actions through fear and its fictitious demons. The absolute power of the Holy Church ruling the world through lies written in holy books and bloodshed, welcome to the complete absence of light!

In addition to Jeff Becerra’s guest vocal appearance, the EP also features Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald, White Void) contributing bass to the three main tracks and Dave Deville conducting the orchestral introduction. It was mixed and mastered by Borknagar’s Øystein G. Brun. It also comes with three bonus tracks, including two demos and another Sepultura song, “Antichrist.”

The band also says that a full-length album is due in 2022, so stay tuned for more on that.

Listen to the new song and view the tracklist below…

The Absence Of Light EP Track Listing:
1. Introduction – The Absence Of Light
2. Act I – The Devil’s Tail
3. Act II – The Monarch feat. Jeff Becerra (Possessed)

Bonus Tracks:
4. Antichrist (Sepultura)
5. The Devil’s Tail (Demo Version)
6. The Monarch (Demo Version)