Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Repulsive Echo Records
Year: 2020

Does the name Jairo ‘Tormentor’ Guedz or Jairo T ring any bell ? For all early Seps’ fans that follow the band since the first years and the cult 1985 debut EP Bestial Devastation and 1986’s Morbid Visions full-length know very well this name. As we all know back then Sepultura were treated as the jungle boys, something that had nothing to do with reality as Max and co were leaving in skyscrapers in Brazil, but the music industry needed a myth and their origin combined with their ferocity and primitive sound were enough to make up a story. Anyway The Troops of Doom continue from where Morbid Visions stopped. The raw thrash, proto death metal in the veins of early Slayer and Possessed,  influenced by Celtic Frost, Bathory and Venom is here once again. The band features besides Jairo, bassist/vocalist Alex Kafer, drummer Alexandre Oliveira, and guitarist Marcelo Vasco.   The Rise Of Heresy  EP consists of four original tracks and two Sepultura covers (Bestial Devastation and Troops Of Doom), while the cover art  brings in mind and draws inspiration from the two Sepultura releases Jairo featured on. This EP is a fine example of pure death/thrash and a reminder of how all started back in the 8o’s for Sepultura. It’s not made only for purists or nostalgic lonely thrashers in their 50’s. Whoever buys it, will take in his/hers hands, an old school yet, modern killer death/thrash release that lives all the aforementioned bands, that works as an appetite for the upcoming full length, where the expectations are set too high …The album will be out also on cassette via Repulsive Echo Records.