Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: Iceland
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2021

Within the recent years, a revival of the ’70s psychedelic rock scene’s sound is more than evident in a variety of new- entry bands. Icelandic band The Vintage Caravan are no exception, but somehow they seem to be a bit heavier from the rest. “Gateways”, their previous work that was out in 2018, gave us a sample of their composing signature. Obviously influenced by bands such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, Budgie, Yes, they embodied the nostalgia of 70’s heavy/prog rock sound, maintaining at the same time that fresh unique approach. Their latest studio album, “Monuments” is set to see the band at the top of their game. Virtuosic ‘70s rock guitar ruminations encounter a mixture of astonishing modern elements and classic psychedelic/progressive rock trademarks. After countless high-voltage live performances at festivals such as Wacken and Hellfest, the Icelandic band’s new full-length impressively demonstrates that they have matured both musically and lyrically – presenting their very own potent mixture accented by bold, nostalgic nuance. Eleven diverse tracks for the young bloods from Reykjavik full of guitar-driven classic and blues rock influences. The album opener, “Whispers”, equals to band’s musical progression without sacrificing their tried-and-true, retro-inspired sonic trademark. “Crystalized” still got the blues for us, without lacking energy and groove. Into “Can’t Get Υou Οut of Μy Μind” there’s some pounding drums and intense guitar solos that gives us as well a glimpse from 80’s heaviness. Yet still some catchy chorus here and there keep the listener on fire. “This Οne’s for Υou” with calm melodies slows down the pumping in the veins that are about to explode in “Dark Times” and “Said and Done” through the bold drumming merges and fast-paced riffs, with a fascinating galloping. Atmospheric illusion the album’s closer, “Clarity”, astray our minds to a journey with no return in the mighty and eerie landscapes of Iceland. With their new studio-album, a truly born in the 1970s, the caravan moves on carrying the flag of retro rock movement. An excellent work from a nostalgia lover band that urge you to share their vintage music universe.