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Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2018

Vladimir Solovyov was a Russian philosopher, theologian and poet who lived during the second half of the 19th century and still remains one of the top of his kind. His philosophy was based on the supernatural vision of things and on the internal search of the absolute knowledge of the human existence as he rejected empirical knowledge as being inadequate.

Even though his theology was oriented toward the Western Church, while being in favor of the Pope and the abrogation of the Great Schism, in his work “A Short Tale Of The Antichrist”, through an allegory, he deals with the union of the Catholic, the Orthodox and the Protestant church pending the domination of the Antichrist during the 21st century, under the guidance of fallacious omens. This work inspires Christofer Johnsson, leader of Therion, to finally realize his vision: a rock opera.

“Beloved Antichrist” is the 16th studio album by Therion and it consists of 3 parts. We are dealing with a sublime album (without exaggerating), composed of 46 songs in total (that is, more than 3 hours in duration) and about 30 different singers, each of them assuming a different role. The album is clearly theatrical, with much fewer metal elements than any other time. However there are clear references to the old days with all time classics such as “Lemuria”, “Sirius B” and “Gothic Kabbalah”. With symphonies from another century and many women soprano melodies which refer mostly to score musical, Therion give their best and show everyone what well structured symphonic metal really means. For me, the songs that stand out are “Signs Are Here”, “Hail Caesar!”, “Bringing The Gospels” and of course “Night Reborn” and “Temple Of New Jerusalem” which have caused a huge sensation since the day they appeared in Nuclear Blast’s channel in YouTube.

Of course it is not possible to talk individually about 46 different songs, but I will recommend to you, without any hesitation, to look into this specific project, which healed every wound the tragic “Les Fleurs Du Mal” of 2012 left. Who would have thought that the same band that released “Of Darkness” in 1991 would make a rock opera of its own 27 years later…