Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2017

Writing for a heavy metal magazine in 2017 is a rather common thing. Especially if we are talking about an e-magazine or webzine. Everybody has something to say as always had but now everyone has a site or a blog to play his role as an opinion-maker of his friends… And as more and more sites pump out of nowhere and as more issues and themes that have nothing to do with music are written or posted among these metal or rock sites we are dealing with an overdose of stupidity and garbage on our screens. Here in Metal Invader, we put music above all and we try to give you quality information about some bands or discs that worth your money and time to invest on them. But we can’t follow everything as millions of releases or re-releases are coming to our offices every day and bazillions of e- mails are stocked on our mail address asking for reviews.thorn cassette moonlight terror 1987 So, there’s some labels that sometimes do this hard and dirty job of sifting through all these releases. You can rely on their instinct and despite the fact that you can’t like all of their catalogue at least these guys can secure some high standards on their cuttings. Lost Realm Records is one of these underground grave diggers that try to get on the surface some unsung cult heroes of U.S. metal. Coming from Dallas, Texas, Thorn is a band that all you worshippers of obscure cult metal can take a closer look now that Lost Realm released their cassette album for the first time on cd. Thorn was formed in 1986 by guitarist Marc Wiethorn and vocalist Dell Greer. During the same year bassist Kephen Hanks, guitarist Mark Akin and drummer Danny White joined ranks. By the end of the year the above line-up recorded the song ‘Street Fighters’ for the split album ‘Metal Cruelty’ by Heads Up Records. In 1987 guitarist Randy Quick joined forces with the band. The cassette album ‘Moonlight Terror’ was recorded during the same summer and saw the light of day later this year. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the band had toured to promote the album until 1991 and despite the adding of a new member in 1989 (the drummer Jack Miller), nothing could avoid the band’s break up in 1992 eventually. Musically speaking we have a definitely powerful and melodic Heavy /Power with great quantity if you can ignore the poor production. It’s not some extra ordinaire or a forgotten gem but it contains some powerful speed and aggressive riffing, like a subtle version of Mox Nix or Tyton. The main riffs are based on standard chugging rhythms as we get some of power metal soloing but it also mixes a rock influence too. ‘Street Fighters’, ‘Moonlight Terror’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’ are my favorites from the album. The cd version includes the songs from the ‘Moonlight Terror’ cassette album, plus an unreleased studio song (‘Attack’ that was recorded in 2012 in a friendly jamming together by Marc Wiethorn, Kevin Greer and Jack Miller) and a live performance from the 2014 reunion concert in a total of 10 songs and it comes with a 12-page booklet with song lyrics, band biography and rare photos. Limited to 500 copies.