Thou Art Lord, Black, 2022, News, Reviews, Eps, The Circle Music

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: The Circle Music
Year: 2022


It was seven years ago (2015) the last time we’ve heard something by the special project Thou Art Lord. Back then, with their original lineup: The Magus (ex-Necromantia, Yoth Iria, etc.) , Necromayhem (Rotting Christ, etc.), Gothmog (plus Maelstrom behind the drum kit), they’ve offered us the ‘Three Headed Hydra’, a song found in the split ‘Ep with Ravencult. Seven years later, Thou Art Lord are back with their new ‘Ep ‘Daemoniorum’. With music by Necromayhem and lyrics by The Magus, the group is delivering two songs, ‘Hades’ (previously released in 2019’s Rotting Christ/Varathron split, with different lyrics/production) and ‘The Black Halo’. You’ll find these songs in a red 7” vinyl released by The Circle Music in 666 copies (another song, ‘Fire, Chaos and Doom’ can be found only in digital formats). This time, behind the mic we find The Magus, while Melechesh Ashmedi is the guest singer in ‘The Black Halo’. Recordings, mixing and mastering took place at Pentagram Studios, while the cover artwork was made by Maximo manolis. A really entertaining ‘Ep, that earns a place in our collection. I enjoyed most the more punk/black/thrash songs (tracks 2 and 3) than the atmospheric ‘Hades’. We, for sure, want more Thou Art Lord songs, is it time for a new full length release?