Threshold - European Journey front cover

Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2015

It hasn’t been more than a year when Threshold had released an excellent record that mixed power and melody and was warmly embraced by the crowd and the Press. Before “For The Journey” complete its circle, the worried British lads, released a hearty – live recorded – album that somehow serves as a best of release, consisted of 15 tracks. The band emphasizes on its last two efforts (5 tracks come from “For the Journey” and four from “March of Progress”). That’s not a deal breaker of course. The compositions fill each other and are tightly tied, as this high level musicianship requires, resulting into something great. We would like to listen to more tracks from the past, though; maybe from “The Art of Reason” or “Babylon Rising”, performed by Wilson. We should point out that this is the first live release with Damien Wilson on vocals, a charismatic frontman who is on its third “tour” with Threshold (he had left the band a couple of times before) so we don’t really know if there will be another chance of listening to Wilson live again… Or will we? The performance of the band is top – notch; a solid group with every member being in his best form and having as an ally a crystal clear sound. The fanatics have already purchased it. Those who want to engage into a closer relationship with the band before deciding to take a long dive in it, this release should be their guide.