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Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Country: France
Year: 2016

Throane is a newborn French black metal band, which made it’s existence known with the immediate release of it’s debut, “Derrière-nous, la lumière” through no others than the titans from Debemur Morti Productions. The one and only member of the project, is in fact Dehn Sora, who also has Treha Sektori and is a graphic designer with works for Archgoat, Amenra and Blut Aus Nord among others. No wonder the cover and aesthetics of Throane are so dim and ominous, surely drawing the attention of a person not knowning them by first glance.

“Derrière-nous, la lumière” (meaning “Behind Us, the Light in English) lasts about half an hour and contains seven compositions of 4-5 minutes each. Sora was certain about the kind of music he wanted to write and went on creating a very dark piece of material, which combines cutting black metal with noisy soundscapes, giving emphasis to it’s worrisome atmosphere all the way. It is not typical black metal and it’s not easy to go through, as it’s spirit is very powerful and drains the listener from any other activities.

The structure of the record is based on switching between to states, meddling with electronics into it’s ambient / noise side and hammering malefic guitar lines with distortion. It moves in middle pace all the time and the riffs do not undergo the regular tremolo picking technique, instead they are played in a more aching manner, as it’s done in various modern black metal bands in the US or really good DSBM acts. Leviathan came to mind during these moments, with some almost sludgy parts being totally captivating.

All the titles are in French, while there are not that many lyrics in the album whatsoever. There is formidable screaming, a few words but mainly it’s the instrumentation speaking and dominating, showing how excellent Sora’s voice is. Yelling or whispering, it’s equally haunting. One should be prepared for plenty of dark ambient as well, but anyone who knows Treha Sektori should be confident they will deliver, as they do. The drums also have a wonderful sound, with every snare hit sounding crushing and straight into the heart.

Right on time, “Derrière-nous, la lumière” finishes exactly when it should, before getting tiring to the ears. Throane are now among the intriguing black metal bands of France, a country that has been growing a lot the recent years and pushing the boundaries of this genre. If you are interested in the more painful side of extreme sound, if you enjoy bands with a depraved sound, the ones that provoke true discomfort, mark my words that this is for you.