Genre : Melodic Black Metal
Country : Germany
Label : Napalm Records
Year : 2015

This is the third album for the Germans, whose mastermind is Steffen Kummerer, playing guitar and singing, just like he does in Obscura as well. As you have reckoned, if all the above weren’t already at your knowledge, Thulcandra is a side-project band and, to be honest, the basic reason for their existence is Steffen’s worship for the huge band Dissection. This has been pretty much made clear even since the band’s first album and is still quite unchanged in “Ascension Lost”, besides some death hints here and there, which were absent in their first two LP’s.

The group’s technical abilities are unquestionable, still that alone is (never) enough to ensure that their record will be worthwhile. So, despite the fact that the glaring similarities with the Swedes in their first two albums, in terms of sound, songwriting and song structure were pretty annoying, still one could witness a satisfying amount of quality and energy in their songs, making the result appealing enough. Here, unfortunately, the only thing that the songs can achieve is make one sleepy. The songs leave you under the impression they’ve been copied and paste. Power and energy are almost insignificant. Just some good riffs here and there, which are dissolved in the mediocrity that reigns in this album.

Closing, there was not much originality in Thulcandra to begin with, there is not much inspiration left there now as well, so what does remain? In my pov, after this recording Kummerer should better focus at Obscura. After Hannes Grossmann’s and Christian Muenzern’s leaving the band, things don’t look very promising there as well….