Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2020

“Let there be high voltage” – this is what Thundermother from Sweden had in mind, who have brought a breath of fresh air within this dry summertime season with their new album “Heat Wave”. Clearly and profoundly influenced by the melodies of AC / DC, Runaways and a wide range of glam / hard rock, Thundermother are here to sign and seal in blood that 2020 is a true bomb in terms of releasing new music (there are plenty of excellent albums already out there, while we have just surpassed a few months into 2020). All 13 songs that make up “Heat Wave” have a similar structure, not that complicated, but stick in to the ear, just like any anthem of the 70’s / 80’s that is still memorized today. I say this mainly because they come as if from another time, with a fresh air that has been missing in recent years from the field of hard rock. The album has it all – Thundermother play hard and are really proud to be loud. The attitude of the band has not changed much since their beginning but every time something new is due, they manage to bring something equally good and most of the times, even better! To summarize, “Heat Wave” is a summer soundtrack that will fit perfectly in between the record collection of every hard rock / heavy metal fan. If you like Airbourne, you will definitely like Thundermother!