Listen below Thyrathen’s “… of Mistress Earth and Zagreus”, taken from the debut album “ThanatOpsis” which is going to be released the 26th of November, 2021 as limited compact disc and via the known digital channels and during 2022 as double vinyl record.

THYRATHEN is the newborn child of drummer Corax S. (Jackal’s Truth) and guitarist AZ (Kawir). Stefan Necroabyssious (Varathron) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen) join forces to narrate this story together. Mixed and mastered by yours truly (Achilleas Kalantzis) and co-produced with THYRATHEN’s mastermind, Corax S.

This huge album will bring to life dramaturgical and ancient ritualistic atmospheres. The album’s structure is based on the format of ancient hellenic tragedies. Imagine Black Metal embodied with ancient wind instruments, percussions, choirs, actors and lyre, which is eponymous for lyricism itself.