Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Heavy Metal
Χώρα: England
Label: Dissonance Productions
Year: 2020

Tokyo Blade’s middle name is change. Whether we are talking about changing their moniker or the band’s members and mainly about how many times they went on hiatus and how many times they returned stronger on tour and on studio. If something has never changed dramatically, it is their sound and I think that was a good thing, as they belong to a certain category of bands with a specific sound that suits them and not one of those that are open to experiments. “Dark Revolution” was recorded with the classic line-up and this, in addition to any nostalgia, also sets the bar high. They partially meet the expectations and I explain myself … even though we have many and nice vocal melodies, staccato and catchy riffs, careful production and rhythm section as solid as it is needed. So far, so good. The point is that in the end the 55 minutes of the album seem like too many, as there is repetition especially in the same tempo over and over again, while in end there is this bitter taste in your mouth that the album does not give you much. You cannot easily distinguish something that stands out as there is a flat sound perception. There could leave out 1-2 songs but again, that would not change a lot. There is nothing that will make you listen to the album again and again, even though there are plenty good moments. I’m sure they will be able to easily put 2-3 tracks of “Dark Revolution” in their live setlist but I’m also sure that in the future we will still mention other records and not “Dark Revolution” when the name Tokyo Blade comes up.