Horrid Tusk, End, U.S.A., Greece, Black, Sludge, Death, Grimoire Records, Arcane Angels Records, Underground Soundscapes

U.S. sludge/black/deathsters Torrid Husk announced a full-length split with Greek blacksters End. ‘Shallow Matewan’ comprises of three weighty tracks from each band and will land on September 23rd on Grimoire Records, with Arcane Angels and Underground Soundscapes releasing it on vinyl and cassette in Europe.

This is Torrid Husk‘s first recording with a second guitarist, new member Miles Craft. Blending atmospheric black metal with the pummeling intensity of technical death metal, Torrid Husk’s side will appeal to fans of Abyssal, Krallice and Anicon.

On side B, End crafts a uniquely Hellenic blend of atmospheric black metal infused with Nordic influences. Their veteran line-up includes members of Nechochwen, Dephosphorous and Ravencult. In a nod to the old gods of extreme metal, their side closes with a unique interpretation of the 1983 Amebix song ‘Winter’.