Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Eisenwald
Year: 2019

Throughout their almost twenty year activity, Total Hate have a name that completely describes that completely describes what the band is about, and it has been the case since their first demo in 2002. Endless hatred aimed at all directions, anti-religious themes and lyrics a la early Craft, they released their debut album “Depopulating Planet Earth” under Agonia Records, a very respected label in the scene. Their last two albums from 2016 and this one, “Throne Behind a Black Veil”, are released through the solid Eisenwald, while their members have been involved in various German projects of the underground all these years.

One can’t deny how the path of Total Hate has been above average so far, with their music falling into expected norms of aggressive and loathing black metal straight to the bone. With this new release, they add another installment of the same material to their arsenal, bringing the same kind of misanthropy and cutting music, which is really close to their previous record in terms of sound and content. There are not many moments when the listener will be caught off guard with this, and the musicianship explores melodies that have been used a lot before in the past, with the listening of “Throne Behind a Black Veil” having elements in common with the frenzy style of Norwegian bands like Tsjuder.

Most of the guitar lines in the tracks consist of pure black metal ideas, not totally original but at least written with a pleasing flow. The drumming as well as the audible bass also do not break any grounds, and apart from the overall acceptable level of the compositions, only a couple of riffs actually came over the top (for example, the intensity of the ending of the first track “Psychopath” is notable). Other than that, “Throne Behind a Black Veil” feels like a relatively standard record very much into the comfort zone of any black metaller, without necessarily making it unlistenable at any point. I think the tracks in the album do not fall too high in the quality ladder, but still as a whole the listening experience in enjoyable and has a handful of memorable parts.

Among the characteristics Total Hate could improve is the soloing, sparsely found in “Throne Behind A Black Veil”, while the drums and vocals are at least applicable. Another positive aspect is the building epicness of the last and longest track “Venomed Seed”, which is a track that could possibly stay in your playlist, even though I would say that Total Hate do not really have something too challenging for a person well into this genre. As long as you don’t mind about this, “Throne Behind a Black Veil” continues in the same steps as 2016’s “Lifecrusher”, it has a fast tempo and attacking riffs, good shrieked vocals, and that’s something.