Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Heavy Metal
Country: Wales
Label: No Remorse Records
Year : 2018

The worst behavior that a music journalist can show in a band and at the same time the worst of the service is to be treated as something that belongs to the past. To approach it with the kind of respect for the dead … Traitors Gate definitely look like something coming from another era, but it’s not just their honesty or their pure intentions that make us look at their first complete studio record. Traitors Gate made the route 7” single gem (even though a little bit delayed as N.W.O.B.H.M wasn’t so popular anymore in 1985), break-up, reunion for a label that specializes on re-issuing corresponding records -forgotten gems or lost treasure compilations-, special live shows on Brofest-KIT-Up The Hammers, at last new recordings, all the way, so now at the end of this path the Welsh are offering to us a boosted version of their last year’s EP entitled ‘Only The Strong’. The second and third wave of N.W.O.B.H.M. produced a lot of goodies (mostly 7″s) and worthy reference bands and yes the Traitors Gate honor whatever cargo they carry. Mostly they carry a continuous flame and love for the genre that grew upon them. It didn’t leave me amazed though it gives us some sweet nostalgic moments (‘Only the Strong’, ‘The Sign of the Cross’ and ‘Fall from Grace’), while the even in small doses of obscurity that sometimes comes up give it an extra charm, especially to the disappointed by the false plasticized and polished production of modern and tasteless heavy metals. The fanatics of the genre should make a small investment. It certainly doesn’t’ reach Devil Takes the High Road grandeur in any way, while hand-to-heart the good moments are just as many as the mediocre ones, so … printed by the Greek label No Remorse Records.