Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M/Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Year: 2017

Dignity. A word terribly important to the British. A value that they embrace in their music when they grow up. It’s difficult to find an 80’s British band that reunited nowadays and become a mockery of themselves. If they see that they do not have the ability to release something good, they simply do not release anything ever again. If they see that they are unable to stand on stage with dignity, they simply sit in their asses (some American bands ought to be taught by the British ones not to make a comeback and manage to spoil the good name they made for themselves in the ’80s). I just can’t find another word to describe the new Traitor’s Gate’s release. No, it’s not a masterpiece. Nor will change anything in the metal scene. What they play is pure British metal, that has been played back and back again, a lot of times. But they play it with dignity, with soul. With impeccable vocals, worked guitars, lyrical solos and with a rhythm section without any embellishments that will support the songs. And the level of the compositions is very good; songs that you will hear comfortably even at your local metal pub today amongst today’s “hits”, without sounding subordinate to passion. All five (because we are talking about an EP here) are excellent, with Fall from Grace singling out in my opinion, this particular will be envied by a lot of true metal bands, a real song with soul and balls.  Edge of Destruction follows (sometimes I liked it even more), classic British shit lots of booze-vagrancy and headbanging. ‘Only the Strong’ is made for a concert and the opening track is an anthem. Oh also Deceiver is very good. Wait a minute … sounds like, I like all of them, a lot. 5 good tracks and no fillers; Traitor’s Gate should be a fine example to all those American colleagues of theirs. Rule Britannia!