Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Spain
Label: Xtreem Music
Year: 2019

Nowdays Spain has a rather strong and convincing Thrash Metal Scene. Their avant-garde are Crisix and Angelus Apatrida but many more bands are worthy and deserve to be in the elite, bands like Trallery. Trallery started as a tribute band to Metallica and soon enough their realized that they are capable of writing their own material. In their extra ordinary debut entitled “Catalepsy” the Metallica influences were more than obvious. In their sophomore work “Spiritless” we could hear a change, as there was an obvious effort of trying to differentiate and search for personal identity. And here we are now on their album number 3, “Isolation”. The third album is always crucial and unfortunately here things are not as good as one would expect. The compositions are not all top notch, and the album is almost 55 minutes long, something rather frustrating. In addition to the above Humberto Pol, the band’s singer decided to try a bit rougher vocals, but without the expected results as now he sounds quite flat. There is a certain quality to Trallery and the disc is definitely not bad. But with their glorious debut, they had raised the bar so high for them and their standards, so we have to be rigorous with them. In “Isolation” there is an intense aura in the veins and the groove of Lamb of God, a new element of their sound that may bring some new audience to them. More groove guitars and more torn vocals are features that others may appreciate more than me. Personally, I prefer Trallery sounding like in their debut “Catalepsy”…