Genre: Death Metal
Country: Spain
Label: Xstreem Music
Year: 2014

There must be few metalheads who could remember these Spanish guys, and maybe this was the reason for the Xtreem’s people who chose to refresh the memories of the elders and reveal the great music which was played back in ’90s to the newest metal fans. “Nothingness” is not a new release but a compilation which includes the 2 albums of the band, “Behind” (1996) and “Dimensions” (1998). Old school death metal with thrash elements, not far away from bands like Death (the “Leprosy” era), early Pestilence, Polluted Inheritance and why not Gorguts or Morgoth. Great song-writing and imppressive way of playing. It’s really a mystery why they failed to become more famous and they finally end up in obscurity. “Gods (false answer II)”, “Depressed”, “Right to Die”, “Sorrow” are some marvelous songs but that does not mean that the other tracks are not great. The die-hard old school death metal fans must check it whatever the cost.