Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2020

I think that this album is one of the most highly anticipated Heavy Metal records of the year. The sophomore full length from the Canadian true metallers comes just over a year after the release of their successful debut self-titled album. As you may expect Calgary’s finest once again delivers a full of energy and melodic riffs high-voltage Heavy Metal! All 8 songs are well-crafted in the same pattern that their debut won the appreciation and the love of the international metal community for its honest approaching and the blend of old-school riffing, melodic vocals and dueling lead guitars. As the founding member and primary songwriter Matt Ries admitted he approached “Termination Shock” the same way he did for Traveler’s first demo – with no expectations, simply writing for the pure sake of enjoyment. Ries spent the better part of 2019 assembling the tracks for “Termination Shock”, fine-tuning the songs right up until the band hit the studio. However, Ries had some additional help this time – vocalist Jean-Pierre Abboud wrote lyrics to every song but one, bassist Dave Arnold contributed a song from his previous band, Striker, and JP Fortin of Deaf Dealer gifted Traveler with a composition of his own. Probably the finest moment on this release, as the song entitled the “STK” is a song that works as a bridge that unites the glorious past  (Deaf Dealer) with the brilliant present (Traveler). I believe that this time Traveler wrote a couple of faster songs (“Deepspace” and the title track) flirting with Speed/Heavy and even Power metal elements to be planted in their compositions with more confidence, making their sound richer. Of course their melodic side as in songs like “Shaded Mirror”, “Foreverman”, “Diary of a Maiden” and “After the Future” is always here, ready to mesmerize you. A definitely strong release that manages to keep their name hot, while raising the expectations from the band high. Their third album that will follow is up to be crucial for the band’s future…