Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2019

This is Traveler’s debut. They have previously recorded a demo in 2018 and a split with Coronary from Finland again with the songs from their demo. There’s a straight orientation to the US scene of the middle 80’s. We find this US Metal songwriting with its classic metal approaching that will bring in mind Deaf Dealer (even though they are also Canadians…), probably Pandemonium (“Hole In The Sky” era) and definitely the Heavy Metal twin that have been a n influence to almost everyone when we are dealing with 80’s inspired material. And of course we are talking about influences that are filtered from the bands not stolen ideas and copy paste parts witht the excuse “we are trying to sound like our heores”. On “Traveler” we hear 3 well executed tracks with nice vocal lines (that I thought it wasn’t so good when I first heard them, but I try to like ‘em a lot in the end) that their Jean-Pierre Abboud does a great performance with his vocal range in a nice level, adding a hint of burry turns where it is needed. Solid rhythm section and well played double guitars with rich riffs and leads that complete the puzzle of a nice effort. If you are looking for a brilliant classic Heavy Metal outsider … Check their 2018 demo below: