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Genre: Progressive Death/Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2018

Tribulation started as a death metal act in the veins of Entombed, but their 2015’s album entitled The Children of the Night was a blitzkrieg. And the great step forward that turned another Swedish death metal band into something unique and above all to something brand new to the scene. A goth mixture of Mercyful Fate and In Solitude blended with guitar oriented and Sisters of Mercy atmosphere made lots of traditional metalheads to caught their attention towards them. Now in their 4rd effort audience and Press is well prepared for what to hear. But despite the absence of surprise still the final result is more than ecstatic! No we can’t find many differences between The Children of the Night and Down Below. Probably only on the production, that is more polished now. The aesthetic is more or less the same with their previous album indeed, and the (top notch) songwriting has the same formula. The harmonized solos, the catchy guitars, the wise used piano moments and the melodic parts, answers to the characteristic pattern that only a fool would change just for the sake of being different. Everything is placed cleverly here, even the bells, the whistles and synths we hear. Once again Adam Zaars and co created an incredible album with dark yet melodic atmosphere. But we are definitely not dealing with a The Children of the Night part 2. “The Lament,” is an excellent start with its prog essence, “Nightbound” is a highlight, “Lady Death” is impressively memorable, “Subterranea” and “Cries From The Underworld” are the roughest moments in the album, “Purgatorio” is an instrumental breath for the listener with its haunting piano, “Lacrimosa,” is the most complicated composition on the album and “The World,” one of its catchiest. The 7-minute-long closing track “Here Be Dragons” ends Down Below with an epic hint.