Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Heavy Forces Records
Year: 2014

The Austrians, having gone through a number of names since their inception in 2007 (even official releases can be found under their previous name Manic Disease), ended up naming themselves Triumphant. This year, they released their first full-length album, via the German record label ‘Heavy Forces’, which focuses on the black/thrash branch of metal. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they are an average group of that kind of branch.

The band’s background on the label’s link, mentioned ”that the band keeps a distance from the typical black/thrash sound, having been influenced by classic heavy and black metal”, which truly stands, but it is not enough to make new fans. A great deal relies on the final result, the flow, the energy and the inspiration. Nobody expects something groundbreaking in terms of the above or technical skills (which is not the case for the whole genre) or the new Desaster, but you are looking for something, that would trigger you to press the repeat button on your sound system. They are not crap and there is always a chance they improve in the future, but in the end ‘Herald the Unsung’ does not say much. A good standard guitar riff and some ideas are certainly not enough to make you bang your head (that’s the point of that music right?). I find it boring but nevertheless some fans may be attracted by its old school approach. Whatever floats their boats…