Genre: Metalcore/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label : Roadrunner Records

It seems like yesterday when Trivium was considered to be the next big thing of Heavy Metal. After 10 albums, many concerts and many many years, one thing is certain. Trivium is not the “next Metallica” as many have claimed but they are one of the best bands of their generation. There is also something paradox happening here. They weren’t on their creative peak in their 5 first albums as almost all bands. Last year’s “What the Dead Man Say” was a fantastic album and this year’s “In the Court of the Dragon” is even better. I think that many years from now, “In the Court of the Dragon” will be considered as their best album. As for the skills of the members, there is nothing more to say. Even in their mediocre albums, their technical skills were impeccable. This time, their song writing is at their best. “The Shadow of the Abattoir”, Fall into Your Hands” and “The Phalanx” are some tracks that shows their composing peak. Especially, “The Phalanx”, is one of the best Trivium tracks ever. 7 minutes of mildness, melody, aggression and epic greatness, a fine example of the aforementioned excellent songwriting. The album has great coherence and although it lasts 52 minutes, you would wish it could last for much longer. The riffs are great; Heafy’s voice is more mature than ever, Bent’s drumming is technical and powerful. Βeaulieu and Gregoletto are great like every other time. The music is between Heavy Metal and Metalcore. You will enjoy the musical alternations, the groove, the aggressiveness, the melodies, the solos, and the catchy refrains. “In the Court of the Dragon” is one of the best records of 2021 and maybe the best Trivium album ever.