Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M./Hard Rock
Country: U.K.
Year: 2016

Can a band that was formed 36 years ago, for only 15 months and recorded a couple of songs in a rough demo just before split up, gain any slice of the today’s Metal Market? What is the driving force that makes all of us, audience, journalists, labels and newer bands to keep searching for obscure releases and rare forgotten gems, even though we are producing more music that we can afford, not only buying, but not even possible to hear. Why is the thirst for quality music still growing more intense? C’mon, let’s stop this philosophical quests and finally meet Troyen. Coming from Warrington, England, Troyen is one of these bands that never made it big, despite the great material they had once recorded. Taken their name from the Berlioz opera “Les Troyens” which means ‘The Trojans’, the band was established in mid-1981 and split up in late 1982 after about 15 months. In August 1981, a 4-track demo got them a contract with Neat Records for a 3-track single and a future full length album via Neat’s sub label Metal Minded. Unfortunately, it was only in 2015 that we had the opportunity to hear any news from the band. Probably due to Brofest # 3 reunion gig, that made things starting moving, after all these years, three original members of the first line up decided to record a full-length album, entitled “Finish What You Started”. What we are dealing here? Two new tracks, a couple of re-worked ones from the demo days plus original recordings from 1981 (and “Free Wheelin’” from 1982). The sound of the old songs is raw, still melodic and more suitable to their kind of music. This Budgie meets Free N.W.O.B.H.M.., along with the bluesy guitars has this vintage feeling that the old-school production gives prominence better. There’s a lot of Thin Lizzy and U.F.O. on their songs but not too obvious, as classic rock seemed to be their main influence rather than Saxon or Iron Maiden for instance. The new songs (“Backlash” and “Finish What You Started”) have a clear and fresh production and are really nice compositions. Probably too rock for me, but certainly melodic with catchy hooks and well written guitars. The two re-worked tracks work like a bridge that unites their old days and the new era. “Syrian Lady” has a hit single aura while “First Blood” is a bit faster but has a characteristic bluesy style. The 4 songs from the 1981 demo are just excellent!!! The highlight of this release, are the soaring melodic vocals that captures emphatically the early 80’s heat and momentum. I was amazed when I first heard them a couple of years before on Youtube, wondering why this band is so criminally underrated, so you can imagine how happy I was the day I went to the post office receiving the copy of “Finish What You Started” in my hands…It is impossible to get in your hands any of these 500 copies that were cut in 1981,so if you want to hear this combo of fresh recordings and the brilliant representative piece of the First Wave of British Heavy Metal, here’s your chance. To be 100% honest I would prefer a less sloppy artwork on the front cover as this is definitely too poor. “Dreams Never Lie” is a must hear N.W.O.B.H.M. hymn!!!