Genre: Alternative
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Roadrunner Records
Year: 2021

Let’s start from the epilogue. Glow On isn’t the best album of 2021. But it is definitely worth exploring if not mind blowing if you love the sub-genres that are blended in it. Also please mark that Turnstile are not Hardcore. Neither Crossover. Let’s agree that we can use the term Alternative Rock for them. It would make things much simpler. Glow On was preceded by the band’s fifth EP, Turnstile Love Connection, released June 27, 2021, which previewed four songs (including lead single, “Mystery”) from the album set to an accompanying short film directed by frontman and lead vocalist, Yates. The follow-up singles, “Alien Love Call” featuring “Blood Orange”, “Black Out” and “Fly Again” were released July and August 2021 respectively. Pop anthemic choruses, punk motif, synthetic dance beats, drum-machines, noise solos,hardcore punk ambitions, 90’s Rock aesthetic and the magic hand of producer Mike Elizondo of Dr. Dre, Elizondo has worked with 50 Cent, Eminem, Carrie Underwood, Fiona Apple, Mastodon fame. Ok with that? Well the song writing is pop-notch…I mean top-notch and in the end what matters after all are the songs. And the songs are incredible catchy, entertaining and addictive if you use to dance every time you spin a record and you feel amusement. Definitely made for fans of radio friendly Hardcore and mainstream acts like Rage Against the Machine, 311, Foo Fighters, Higher Power, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MTV Punk bands and flat-out fun albums.