Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Alone Records
Year: 2015 (2017)

Despite their short discography, Twilight from Thessaloniki have been around since the early nineties and their first demo dates back to 1992, when the Greek black metal scene was initially forming. The band released their debut “… And in the twilight, they return” in 2000, before disbanding in 2002, only to reunite in 2013 and release a compilation of their previous material. Finally, in 2015, the latest Twilight release came in the format of an EP with two tracks, named “Sculpting Darkness” and offers a more modern touch into their style, with fair symphonic elements in the compositions.

The adventurous synths and keys remind a bit of Bishop of Hexen or even CarachAngren, while the vocals are mainly familiar shrieks, with the first track “Metechmion” having a chorus with clean singing that could bring recent Arcturus to mind. The production is quite cleaner than before, as the band has written material that is consistent with the scene’s newer generation. The middle and fast paced lines are always based on the sound of Greek black metal, presenting the new face of the band well with these two new tracks.

This mini album offers a good taste of Twilight, which will be loved by fans of Greek black metal and bands like Diablery. I am curious to listen to more and see how the band will progress in the coming time, as it has already been three years since the EP. Nevertheless, Twilight are surely part of the underground extreme metal scene of the country, from its early days.