Genre: Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2019

The groundbreaking fact that is the founding of Twisted Tower Dire, back in 1995, created a band that would honor heavy metal in such an epic way, setting themselves against all kinds of fashions and trends. Their music journey wasn’t always as easy, and I’m not talking about music itself and where it was headed, but mostly about the departure and death of singer Tony Tailor. His replacement, Jonny Aune, proved to have the right credentials on ‘Make It Dark’ which was dedicated to Tony. After this release the band’s studio productivity decreased over the years, making it so that it’s not till 2019 that we got to hear some of their work. This fact had a dual effect. On one hand, dedicated fans of the band wait in agony and have high standards on what to expect upon hearing the new album. On the other hand, the band had plenty of time to prepare for a release that meets the criteria. Thus, I believe that no one will be disappointed, even considering the fact that there’s been some time since we last heard from TTD. On the contrary, ‘Wars In The Unknown’ feels like a punch in the gut. More point blank and direct than any title on their discography. Majestic, filled with epic lyricism, with some Power Metal touches, the ones that speak of combativeness and similar values of course, nor dragons and fairytales. We shouldn’t expect something different from an American band though. Rhythm section is solid as concrete, guitars sound fueled with inspiration and overall great execution, whilst vocals are filled with passion, making the record surge with emotions, leaving the listener with an uplifted feeling. No, I couldn’t pick a specific track as my favorite because the album is as pleasing from start to finish. The fact that you get the feel of it starting the first time you listen to it is considered a huge plus. It all sounds honest and unsophisticated, with no intention to prove anything. The band seems keen to serve the music, as they’ve been doing over the years, and the composition of 10 unalloyed, purely made of steel, songs, tells us so. It will be honored as the gem as it is then, again and again, hoping to be something less of 8 years till next time.