Tyfon's Doom, Heavy, Finland, Albums, Reviews, Gates Of Hell Records, 2017

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Gates Of Hell Records
Year: 2017

Tyfon’s Doom’s ‘Yeth Hound’ Ep, despite its decent quality and cult status, didn’t get the recognition it deserved, from the amount of people it deserved. Tyfon’s Doom was created by Tommi Varsala, with some extra help from Rocka Rollas’ Cedrick Forsberg (he is handling the drums here), however it is supposed to be an one-man project (which will probably end up in an one man show if it goes on like that). New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with classical U.S metal passages, along with pure power metal coming up through extravagant double guitars, melodic solos and this epic aura we were first given by Tyrant and Brocas Helm more than 30 years ago. And since the music is more charming than simple and “straight up in the face”, the vocals couldn’t be anything less. The approach is an obvious reminder of Quorthon, on Bathory’s epic era, with less melody and more non-comformity; Tommi Varsala’s voice matches perfectly with all compositions and the spirit of each, of course. His skills overflow through all of the 11 tracks from this raw, barbaric disc and have nothing to envy from other magnificent, obscure diamonds from the underground heavy metal scene that nudged many generations of fans. I personally loved ‘Beyond Treason’, ‘Howling Danger’, ‘Rising Earth’, ‘The Rider From The Abandoned Town’ and ‘Tyrant’s Scepter’. Eleven well written melodies for the average heavy metal listener; they do not rediscover the fire but remind us that when the original talent is left free and artificially avoids clichés and blends, it is not afraid of borrowing or inspiring from the glorious past, as this is a guide to write new renowned pages in the book of heavy metal.