Genre: Hard Rock
Country: U.K.
Label:Mighty Music
Year: 2016

It seems that most bands from the 80’s suffered from poor production. And they also suffered from lack of money to spend in order to improve it (Maiden, Priest, Def Leppard NOT included folks), and nowadays technology can do miracles with a small amount, so it is much easier and less expensive to have a perfect production. It doesn’t matter if you were a thrasher or a N.W.O.B.H.M. worshipper in the 80’s, if you are still in the music business your main concern seems to be a decent and certainly clear production. No, I don’t mean that Tygers of Pan Tang didn’t focus on the compositions or the musicianship. I just say that the clean, crystal clear production of the album is something you can’t just pretend it has a second role in this release. As you can’t pretend that it didn’t take something out of the old school feeling, the warm analog sound their early 80’s had. But Tygers were always a melodic band that flirted with hard rock -and charts- while their N.W.O.B.H.M. elements were fading as years were passing until their break up. Their reunion was a rather honest move, but we all agreed that nostalgia was not a game these guys would play and as there were less than ever N.W.O.B.H.M. hints in their sound, it would be wiser to treat Tygers as a new band. After almost 4 years after their last effort, now with their self-titled 12th album once again they deliver top notch quality melodic hard rock. Everything you love (or hate) in the sub genre is here. The tight rhythm section, the up tempo hits (the opener “Only The Brave”, “The Devil You Know”), power ballads (“The Reason Why”), the energy (“Do It Again”), the riffs (“Never Give In”), the wah wah pedals, the dual guitars, and the anthemic choruses (“Dust”, “Blood Red Sky”). We are not in the 80’s and many new listeners won’t see any hair metal here, but the old (and nasty) audience will certainly hear many poser things they loved (or, as I said before, possibly hated) 25-30 years before (“Angel In Disguise”). We can’t go back in Time and if you are trying to find a new “Please Don’t Stop By” or a new “Gangland” you are looking in the wrong place. If you are searching for 100% modern hard rock with melodic touches and strong riffs, give it a try. You’ll like this album.