Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2015

Are you tired by wannabe progressive and experimentation? Do you want something from the past in the year 2015, something classic, yet modern? If you do, check this out.

Remarkable and surprising that UDO manages to always release high quality discs for over 25 years now, even if he changes members like he changes shirts. Think of it as a situation similar to Greek football league and the frequent change in coaches.
New release and the rest of the year starts well. For those who follow Udo and know what he’s playing, “Decadent” comes as a sequel on a good run. You might find it a bit more Accept-ish as there are points were they remind you of their older works.
Sturdy, massive compositions with sharp riffs, as the chubby dude’s teeth on the cover. The album has variety, if anything. From storming tracks of pure heavy metal as the “Rebels in the Night”, “Speeder”, “Under Your Skin”, to orchestral ballads that kick you in the feels. Listen to “Secrets in Paradise” (epic …) and the track that closes the album “Words in Flame”. Special mention to the song “Pain”, press repeat and simply let yourself go (magical guitar solo). Generally the guitar part is beyond expectations.

Give in, do not hesitate, it sounds fun, it does not tire. It may not be Udo’s greater album ever, and I don’t think that’s something actually Udo wants. Once inspired, composes and creates heavy metal which seems to work!