Genre: Heavy Metal
County: Germany
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2018

Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski was a seminal Russian theatre practitioner. His principal fame and influence, however, rests on his ‘system’ of actor training, preparation, and rehearsal technique, so take it as he is something like the father of theater and most actors have his teaching and quotes like the Bible or Koran. The famous Russian advised his students to follow again classes after their graduation every five years in order to avoid  mannerism of their acting. This golden rule would have been the savior of many careers but I guess the audience has so low standards that actually demands to see the same all over and over again. I can’t find any other reason why Patsino or De Niro considered to be larger than life besides the fact they play the exact same old boring character for the last 45 years. Mr. Dirkshneider of course is not an actor and he is not considered larger than life. Plus Music is a bit different kind of art than cinema or theater. And Stanislavski also said once that to actors wannabes to “Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.” And Udo has loved metal from deep inside himself and has proved it through his loyalty to our beloved music since 1979 until now with his attitude and by creating some excellent albums that are placed on the pantheon of heavy metal. Now after almost 30 years of solo career 16 personal studio and two reunion albums with Accept he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself. Touring for about two and a half years singing only songs from his Accept era was probably vital and refreshing for him as we find him more vivid and a bit nostalgic and using some bitter sweet melodies that sounds little melancholic but definitely worth the deal. It is 2018 and yes UDO is not a big name anymore and yes teenagers would learn his name only if he opens for Sabbaton but what the hell you are not 15 you know what UDO can offer and you don’t need this review to tell you what would you do with your money or how big fan of the throat of Accept you are. You know it is how big fan you are don’t you? and nothing more or less…highlights “Keeper Of My Soul”, “Rising High”, “The Way”, “In the Heat of the Night”, “Raise the Game” and “Eraser”. Dig it.