Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2021

After three years of silence (8 digital singles, one live 2CD “Live in Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show” and a 12″ vinyl split with Brothers of Metal was all UDO released since 2018’s “Steelfactory” so you may say “relative silence” better) U.D.O. return with a brand new studio album. False alarm for those that though that this is their swan song; First this isn’t their last one and secondly this is not their best ever so it couldn’t be claimed as a swan song after all…It is entitled though “Game Over” as this is meant to be their last one via AFM Records, after a successful collaboration of 18 years (their first one was back in 2003 the live record “Nailed to Metal – The Missing Tracks” and first studio one year later “Thunderball”) as now the German legends have signed a new contract with Atomic Fire Records.

Despite the fact that Udo Dirkschneider is 70 years old, he still got it, as his voice is in great shape; clever move to perform in mid-tempo (studio wise I guess any small or bigger mistake can be fixed) but what any studio can’t correct is the thirst for Heavy Metal and the ability to write good songs. Well Udo doesn’t need any help for that as he can compose brilliant songs, even if they lack originality in terms as some ideas possibly have been used before in his previous works, but as long as the record spins (double 12″ vinyl in 33⅓ RPM) believe it or not “Game Over” sounds like a great album.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but UDO is a pack of wolves that can easily surpass the nostalgia and bite you hard if you think that they are just a bunch of old men trying to sound contemporary. They don’t need it as their music is effortlessly timeless. I love the use of clichés, the strong riffs, the catchy melodies and hymn-like choruses as I really loved “Fear Detector”, “Holy Invaders”, “Like A Beast”, “Metal Damnation”, “Empty Eyes”, “I See Red” and “Speed Seeker” that are top-notch compositions and if they could avoid having 16 songs in the album, it would be an even better one.