Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2018

Sometimes the words we are using are not just the tool or the means of expression, but also reflect our own inner world. Germans Ultha managed to intrigue me with their pompous song titles and the initial charming curiosity turned into an ever growing desire to listen to the exceptional The Inextricable Wandering again and again. Truth is that with their previous work Converging Sins (2016), they had revealed enough virtues to those who invested the time to listen to that record enough times. Now with The Inextricable Wandering – that is their third studio album – and this time through Century Media, they unfold a very artistic aspect of their work. Creating atmosphere comes as an extract of the compositions that are structured upon peaks and succession of tempos and not as a goal of itself, regardless if this works unconsciously for the quintet from Cologne. There is a pervasive aura of Dissection in their guitarwork that erodes and sickens everything in their way and I can also discern a quest in similar musical paths as Ash Borer, on the lines of intelligent Black Metal, or else, Thinking Man’s Black. It is not a cranky record, but neither light and the more I listen to it the more it brings in mind Urfaust and The Ruins Of Beverast. It contains six long, but well cared and well written compositions and you can’t easily hide the quality that treasures like The Avarist (Eyes Of A Tragedy)’ , ‘There Is No Love, High Up In The Gallows’ and ‘With Knives To The Throat And Hell In Your Heart’ emanate, even if you want to. The record is closing in an epic tone with the almost 18-minute long ‘I’m Afraid To Follow You There’.