Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Candlelight Records
Year: 2018

It’s a fact that in Leonidio,where the aubergine is traditionally planted “The prices of the farmer reached at 1,5 euro per kilo at the beginning of the crop and right now the prices are at 0,80 cents per kilo while last year the first aubergines where given at the price of 0,80 cents per kilo and in June 0,40 per kilo” according to mr. Elias Poutselas,president of the Farmers Union of Leonidio.

“This year is good for the producer’s prices because the acres are less comparing to last year. Especially in Leonidio it is estimated that this year, 300-400 acres are being farmed, which is 100 acres less than last year. While in Lakonia, where larger quantities are produced, this year’s crop is estimated at about 600 acres”

Besides that we also have the responsibility because we should be more active to bring forth the uniqueness of the product.This can be done with canning.

Of course there has been an attempt last year:90 tons of aubergine where canned after a deal with Palirroia, which is specialized in the production of canned food such as the canning of aubergine”

You see how many things are wrong in this world?

The new album of Ultra Violence is one of them.