Ex-HIRAX guitarist Scott Owen has teamed up with former KREATOR, WHIPLASH and MASSACRE drummer Joe Cangelosi to launch a new band called UNCIVIL WAR. The group is rounded off by bassists Rich Day, formerly of WHIPLASH, and vocalist Patrick Lind, formerly of MORBID SAINT. The EP was mixed by Chris Cjuricic (Jungle rot, Broken hope, Gorgasm). The EP will be available for download in September 26th, 2020.

Joe Cangelosi stated:

“Uncivil War is a serious band with serious history. We reflect on the things going in in our world today.We all live in different places. It just takes longer than most bands. This music is totally old school thrash the way it should be delivered ! Scott Owen and myself formed this band at the end of our run with Don Dotys Eliminate. In the end of 2017 we started our search for a singer and landed Patrick Lind former Morbid Saint vocalist who fits in so perfectly. He is killer!! We are finished our E.P. and we have interest in playing festivals and shows around the globe but now with the virus we must wait and do whatever we can to move forward. We are getting our music up for download next month on cd baby and we will have merch and physical copies following.”