Genre: Psychedelic Rock/Doom metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Rise Above
Year: 2013

This is the third record of the phenomenal band from Cambridge that shook the underground with its vampire garage vibes of “Vol. 1” (2010) and conquered the world with the amazingly catchy “Blood Lust” (2012). It is also the first release of the band for Rise Above and the question is: can they keep up with the same pace?

“Mind Control” is a positive respond. While polished as never before, the sound is still powerful and the balanced production sets off the elaborate guitarwork and the tight rhythm section. But Uncle Acid has improved in the vocal department as well and the double and sometimes triple vocal lines blend perfectly with the melodies and the riffs creating songs with both heart and balls. The band’s diversity shines in “Mind Control” where the influences of Black Sabbath, The Beatles, even Iron Maiden are apparent, yet with the trademark of Uncle Acid’s sound. From the doomy “Mt. Abraxas” that owes a lot to “After Forever”, to the hippie psyched “Follow The Leader” or the cosmic “Desert Ceremony” and the hypnotizing “Valley Of The Dolls” the musical palette is full and attracts the listener with an endless variety of ideas. The songs are just one better than the other, no fillers there, even the b-side of their “Poison Apple” 7 inch, “Under The Spell”, could easily be among the highlights of the record. “Mind Crawler”, the second single, is just the epitome of the band’s momentum. The catchiness of this song is just ridiculous and it applies to the listener exactly what the title says.

As they have used in their previous releases, Uncle Acid’s lyrics are inspired by cult leaders, drugs, the frenzy of the 60’s, horror movies, all combined to expose the dark side of the human mind. “Mind Control” is a concept album, telling the story of a cult leader that went up a mountain… well the rest is in the record.

Even though they are out of the basement and into the foreground, Uncle Acid hasn’t lost its edginess or its raw power and seems to be working with the same ethics and the same modesty that was distinctive through their interviews, opinions and the general management of the band’s image so far. “Mind Control” might not be their best record, it may very well be superior to the other two, but that doesn’t say anything for a band like Ancle Acid. It’s a record full of hit songs, amazing music and conceptual aesthetics from the cover until the last lyrics. Can’t wait for the next one.