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Genre: Gothic/Rock
Country: Sweden
Label: Critical Mass Recordings
Year: 2020

As a big fan of neofolk, country and old rock ‘n’ roll Underground Fire’s new album was like Santa coming to town a bit earlier this year. This dark gem sounds like a punk-noir soundtrack and whoever digs Johnny Cash or King Dude and everything in between should find a lot to love here. Rob Coffinshaker the guitarist- singer that most of you know from the cult thrashers Gehennah, shows a definitely strange and different face here. But of course this not the first time he shows us this specific side of his personality.

The ten songs have solid structure with heavy riffing and rigging, thick bass lines, based on gothic atmosphere and melodic yet pessimistic elements that create a suffocating vibe through whole the entirety of the album. There’s a variety on the songs that sometimes will bring you in mind Sisters of Mercy and others more straight-forward rock tunes and elsewhere like Nick Cave, or Mark Lanegan. To be honest there’s a thin line that separates a band from the million other gothic schemes out there that also lays on “darkness” and baritone vocals. And hopefully Underground Fire managed to be balanced enough to avoid sound repetitive or near-pathological pessimistic.

‘Ashes of Life’ is a highly recommended album for dark-noir punkish folk and country lovers. Highlights: ‘End Of The Night’, ‘Haunt Me’, ‘Passage’.